When is the heat turned on?

A frequent question, particularly from our new residents from warmer climates, is when will the heat be turned on?

Heat is always turned on by Oct. 15, and usually before that when the average temperatures are cool (for example, 40 degrees Fahrenheit) for more than a few days. The kind of heating system used in our apartments is very efficient, and if we turn on the heat too early, the apartments quickly become too warm for comfort.

If your apartment feels too cold after the heat has been turned on:

  • Make certain the baseboard “convector” – the vent where the heat comes out – is open, so that air heated by the pipes can circulate through the room.
  • Move any rugs or furniture that may be blocking the flow of warm air. There should be at least 4 inches that are cleared between furnishings and the vent.
  • Make sure your windows are closed.

If this is your first winter in the cold, you might be surprised at how much it helps to wear sweaters, warm socks, and slippers while indoors.

Energy Conservation

If your apartment feels too warm, please turn down the temperature or close the convector instead of opening windows. Heat escaping through windows is a huge source of wasted energy. If you like the feeling of air circulating, please consider using an indoor fan to move the air, instead of opening a window.