Keep an eye out for school cancellations

Wisconsin winters can sometimes be unpredictable. We are bound to have a day or two when the Madison Metropolitan School District needs to cancel school based on weather-related issues such as too much snow, icy conditions, or extreme wind with cold temperatures. When the public schools close, many day-care centers (including Eagle’s Wing) also close.

School cancellations will be broadcast on local TV and radio stations starting at 6 a.m. It is important to note that UW-Madison very rarely closes, no matter the weather conditions.

If you know you will not be able to miss classes or work and the schools close, you may want to arrange with a friend, family member or neighbor to care for your children. You might also want to partner with another family – you care for the combined children in the morning and they will take all the children in the afternoon. If public schools are closed, high school teens will be home for the day and might be interested in making a little money. You could arrange ahead of time to have a babysitter on-call if needed.

If you are fortunate enough to be home with your children on a snow day, you can make plans for a fun, cozy day at home. Setting up a tent with blankets over a couple of chairs makes a great place to cuddle up with books. Hot cocoa is a popular drink on snow days and board games are always a fun family activity. Cutting paper snowflakes is a great way to celebrate the weather indoors. You may have a grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle that would enjoy a hand-written letter or hand-drawn picture and you could get an envelope ready to take to the post office when the weather is better.