With Mushroom-Blended Burger, UW-Madison takes another small step toward sustainable dining

Applegate Farms Great Organic Blend Burger

As University of Wisconsin-Madison dining halls continue to take steps toward environmental sustainability without sacrificing taste, a new burger blend with 70% beef, 30% mushrooms is showing up around campus this year.

The move reflects a trend across college campuses, where students are becoming increasingly concerned about what goes into their food.

UW-Madison has served a blended, or not purely beef, burger since last year, but shifted to the Applegate Great Organic Blended Burger for its higher quality and Halal certification, said dining and culinary services director Peter Testory.

“(The) juicier, more umami-flavored burger was a very easy decision,” Testory said. “While this is just a little change, to be 30% less ground beef per burger and not affect the quality and taste that a full 100% ground beef hamburger eater is used to … is something that everyone can get behind.”

The burger was launched this year and tested on campus in the summer before being fully introduced into the dining halls, Applegate Foodservice spokeswoman Leah Sbriscia said in an email.

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