In Your Backyard: Celebrating the Outdoors and Living Things with the Nature Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night, Feb. 25 at Biocommons at Steenbock LibraryAre you a nature writer, poet, or musician? Or simply a nature lover? Join the Friends of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve for the Nature Open Mic Night at the Biocommons at Steenbock Library, Feb. 25 at 7pm (if you are interested in sharing 5 minutes of your writing, arrive at 6:45pm).

Bring your original nature-inspired poetry, prose, or a song to share, or just listen and enjoy with your friends or family. Poet and artist Robin Chapman will MC. For more information please contact the event coordinator, Olympia Mathiaparanam, at or 920-809-4248.

Bloodroot by Robin Chapman

Who among us knows
as deep in our roots
how ephemeral life is?
Who sheds the winter
as quickly, who in our haste
to bloom thrusts up a face
to the sun, only the sun
and the bees
before we have even unfolded?
our hands?
Who praises in our green
open-handedness as gladly?

-from Abundance, Cider Press, 2009

Originally appeared in Appalachia, 2005