Resident Manager Reminder: When to Contact Resident Manager After Hours

With the New Year under way, make it a resolution to use your resident manager efficiently.

Resident managers (RM) are community members, graduate students and workers associated with UW-Madison, who are assigned to specific parts of the University Apartments neighborhoods to support residents. Our main responsibility is providing after-hours support, also known as an “RM On-Call.” RMs are on-call from 5:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. We rotate on-call responsibilities for the UA community. For example, the resident manager of Harvey Street, can be on call Friday, but will switch off duties to another resident manager on Saturday morning.

When on-call, RMs are responsible for serving the entire Eagle Heights, University Houses, and Harvey Street Apartment residents. We provide support on issues such as clogged drains, lock-outs, and Community Center rentals. We are always a phone call or text message away at 608-444-9308.

In order to help us provide the best support and address any issues promptly, we ask for your collaboration. Here are some issues RMs are often contacted about, and which, in most cases, can be troubleshot by the residents first.

Example 1: Heating

Resident: It’s cold in my apartment. I don’t think the heat is working. Can you check it out?

RM recommendation and action: Check the thermostat first. If the temperature reads near where you set the temperature, the heat should be working. If it is below, for example, 60 degrees, please let us know and we will check the boilers in the building and work with maintenance to restore heat. You can also check out a space heater from the community center during business hours.

Example 2: Noise complaint

Resident: It’s 1 a.m. and my neighbors are being loud. Can you talk to them?
RM: Have you tried to talk to them?
No! I don’t want them to know it’s me.

RM recommendation and action: We encourage residents to communicate and reach out to their neighbors as soon as they move in. Building a relationship will make these conversations much easier in the future. If you sense noise is getting out of hand, a good way to start a conversation with your neighbor is informing them of quiet hours (10 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and asking them to not just be respectful toward you, but to the entire building. An RM will intervene in a noise complaint only after a resident has spoken to the neighbor first. If an RM while on duty does intervene, they will follow up with the resident manager responsible for the area where the noise complaint occurred to mediate the situation.

Example 3: Parking

Resident: Someone parked in my spot. Can you tow the car for me?

RM recommendation and action: We cannot tow vehicles. An RM will issue the car parked in the resident’s spot a warning citation. If someone parks in a resident’s spot, we encourage the resident to knock on their neighbor’s door and see if someone accidently parked there. In the meantime, the resident may park in a visitor parking spot; however, they must call or text message the RM with their car’s license plate number, make, and model. If the resident does not, they risk the chance of receiving a citation.

Example 4: Snow and Ice

Resident: It snowed last night. Can you shovel my sidewalk and parking spot?

RM recommendation and action: RMs do not shovel resident’s sidewalks and parking spots. Generally, grounds will be up early the morning after a snowfall clearing roads and sidewalks. If you feel a sidewalk is too icy or dangerous, an RM can respond by dispersing sand to improve traction.

Example 5: Rentals

Resident: I made a reservation to rent the community center from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. It’s 5 now, why are the doors locked and I cannot get in?

RM recommendation and action: If you reserve a space in the community center, the person reserving it must be present, with a valid photo ID, and call the RM at least 15 minutes before the reservation start time. RMs are often times responding to issues in the community and must be given ample time to arrive at the community center to ensure the space is ready for the renter.

These are just a few examples of previous calls and how the resident and RM should respond. Of course, every situation and concern unique and residents should call the RM as soon as they need to. We will always be happy to serve our residents and continue making University Apartments a comfortable and safe community.