Updated COVID-19 Information for University Residence Halls

As recently announced by campus, UW-Madison has decided to cancel all face-to-face instruction for the remainder of the academic year in response to the COVID-19 (formerly novel coronavirus) pandemic, moving entirely to online instruction through this semester.  We have seen rapid changes to local, national, and global guidelines for our communities as the pace and impact of the pandemic only continues to grow.  University Housing prioritizes the health and safety of our residents and staff and takes our responsibility to you seriously as we make decisions.

Our thanks to all students who are following our directives to help reduce the density of the campus population, reducing the risk of exposure to those that remained.  This has enabled our staff to focus efforts on those students who did not have an option to leave.

Moving Out

For students who will now be permanently moving out of the residence halls, we are working as quickly as possible on details for students to come and fully move out. With consideration for the health of our entire campus community, we are developing a move-out schedule and process designed to help students and families maintain social distancing, to reduce potential traffic and parking concerns to and from campus, and to ensure efficiency. Please watch for more details soon by email. This information will also be posted when available at https://www.housing.wisc.edu/residence-halls/moving/. Please note the following:

  • Move-out times will need to be scheduled through the sign-up process. Residents will not have access to move out without signing up.
  • Sign-ups may be restricted for students travelling from certain high-risk areas.
  • We will reserve the right to cancel appointments at any time based on the safety of the community on campus. Cancellation notification will sent via email.
  • Students who need to leave belongings in their room until later this semester will not be assessed any fees or see any impact on their housing costs. The university will provide residents appropriate prorated credits back to their university account for Housing and Dining. Details will follow next week.

Students on Campus

Based on previous campus guidelines, some students requested to remain in campus housing.  As the campus shifts to essential services only, we continue to reduce the density of the campus population, reducing the risk of exposure to those that remain on campus.  Some of these students are already looking at making arrangements to return home.  We also recognize that some students will not be able to return home right now.  While the University will ensure that we have sufficient residence hall rooms available for students who truly have no alternatives, it’s possible that we may at some point need to consolidate housing for all students in one central facility to minimize staff requirements. None of us can predict how long the present situation may last, and students who remain on campus might be here for some time with very limited services. Students are also expected to abide by all terms and conditions in their University Residence Halls Contract and the Student Housing Handbook, and please note that no guests will be allowed in the University Residence Halls during this period.

All students who had been approved to stay on campus should immediately go the My UW Housing portal to fill out a resident form to give us a better understanding of your needs.  We will be following up with these residents very soon with further instructions.


  • Mental Health: If students are experiencing anxiety related to events surrounding COVID-19, SilverCloud is an online, self-guided, interactive mental health resource that provides UW-Madison students with accessible treatment options 24 hours a day. Students can also review information about Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty.
  • Financial Assistance: The following offices on campus provide loans or grants to help offset the cost of transportation home.
    • Office of Student Financial Aid: The Office of Student Financial Aid has a team of people ready to help connect you to resources you may qualify for. Funds are available for all students, regardless of your FAFSA eligibility. Email: finaid@finaid.wisc.edu indicate COVID-19 in the subject line.
    • Dean of Students Office: The Dean of Students Office offers short-term loans and grants. You must complete their online form to request assistance.
    • International Student Services Loan: International Students Services (ISS) offers up to $5,000 long-term loans. Students should make a phone appointment and can contact ISS by emailing: iss@studentlife.wisc.edu
  • Travel Assistance: The following agencies are offering free or reduced travel assistance
    • Frontier Airlines: Fly free for flights booked by March 23, Promo Code: FLYFREE
    • Enterprise: Fees waived for 18-24 year old drivers
  • Internet Options: Several internet companies are offering free or reduced internet fees for students.
    • Spectrum Internet: 60 days of free WiFi by calling 1-844-488-8395
    • Comcast: Free WiFi and reduced fees
    • Internet Essentials: Two months of free internet for new customers
  •  Storage: Uhaul is offering 30 days of free storage for students

Campus Updates

For the latest ongoing campus updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit https://covid19.wisc.edu/

Please note: This situation is changing rapidly, and the article below will not be updated as plans change. For the latest Housing information related to COVID-19 and move-out, please visit our Moving & Breaks page.