Important COVID-19 information for University Residence Halls residents

To mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 virus at UW-Madison, students in University Residence Halls are being asked to take essential belongings, academic materials, laptops, and medications with them for Spring Break and not return to residence halls following Spring Break. All residents are expected to check out of their residence hall room by 5pm on Sunday, March 15. Residence halls are tentatively scheduled to reopen the weekend of April 10. UW-Madison will make a final decision about reopening by April 6.


Take essential belongings, medications, passport, academic books and notes, laptop, chargers, and perishable goods before you depart. You do not need to remove all personal items from your room, but take whatever you may need between now and April 13. You will need to prepare your room to be unoccupied during this time:

  • Empty waste/recycling bins
  • Clean, defrost, and leave the Housing refrigerator unplugged and open
  • Close windows, open blinds, and turn off lights
  • Lock your door and return your key to your hall desk ($50 charge if incomplete)

If you leave something essential behind, email and we will try to accommodate you.

Mail & Packages

Make sure your mail and packages are not sent to your residence hall address during this time.

  • Update your current address in MyUW and change your default shipping address with Amazon or other online vendors that you use frequently.
  • Urgent questions about mail and packages can be directed to


Return your key to your hall desk before departing.

  • You will not have electronic access to your residence hall during this time.
  • If you accidentally take your key with you, please send your name, room number, and residence hall to


Decisions regarding Housing and Dining credits will not be finalized until the full impact of COVID-19 is known.


If you wish to vote in the upcoming Spring 2020 Election and Presidential Preference Primary for the State of Wisconsin, you may want to consider absentee voting.


Residents should still be aware of the need to fill out 2020 Census forms at their campus address.

  • You will receive forms in your residence hall mailbox in early April. You should fill out this form when you return to your residence hall so that you are counted at your campus address, not your permanent address.


We will consider limited exemptions to allow certain undergraduate students to remain in their residence hall room with official approval from Housing. If you are unable to leave campus during this time, you must log in to My UW Housing and submit a COVID-19 Accommodation Request to remain in your room. Exemptions may include:

  • If you are an international student concerned that you would not be allowed to return to UW-Madison due to visa issues.
  • If you are an international student who will have difficulty returning to your home country if it has been hard-hit by COVID-19.
  • If you do not have a home to go to, or if going home would be unsafe given the circumstances of your home country or home life.
  • If you are unable to access reliable internet for online learning.

Note: if you temporarily visit an area with increased confirmed cases of COVID-19, you are expected to follow CDC guidelines as well as Public Health Madison & Dane County guidelines. We have limited spaces to self-isolate or self-quarantine students in need. Therefore, students who travel to these affected areas will not be allowed to self-quarantine in the residence halls.

Limited Campus Services & Activities

If you remain on campus during this time you should be prepared for very limited services and activities throughout UW-Madison.


Outside entrances to all residence halls will be locked 24-hours a day starting at 5pm on March 15 through April 10. Electronic access to residence halls for residents will be suspended during this period as well. Approved resident Wiscards will open the outside doors of your hall as usual. Residents remaining on campus are reminded to lock their rooms whenever they leave. Dens and lounges may be locked at various times.

Students are requested to report the presence of unauthorized persons to a staff member or the UW-Madison Police Department at 264-COPS (264-2677) immediately. This is particularly important during this period. Please be alert and do not allow non-residents or anyone unknown to you to enter the building.


Traffic will be busy around the residence halls from March 12 – 15. UW-Madison Transportation Services will allow 30-minute pick-up for residents and their families in lots around the residence halls at no cost. Please be respectful during heavy traffic times and with others by limiting your pick-up times to 30-minutes in the areas around the halls.

  • Park in mobile pay stalls (meters) or unsigned stalls in lots 5, 26, 34, 35, 37, 44, 48, 57, 58, 61, 69, 106, 110, and 136 — see the campus parking map to find locations of these lots
    • Vehicles left unattended for over 30-minutes are at risk of being issued a citation
    • Some lots may be unavailable due to special event parking — check lot entrances for posted signs
    • Parking is always prohibited in fire and bike lanes, East Campus Mall, in front of dumpsters, on sidewalks or grass areas, and in signed service/vendor, reserved, and disabled stalls (unless a valid disabled tag is displayed)
  • The Sellery and Smith basketball courts will be open for 30-minute pick-up parking from March 12 – 13 from 8am – 9pm. Entrance and exit for the Sellery basketball courts is off Dayton Street.
    • Ogg Residents are required to use the Sellery basketball court on these dates. Due to construction, parking on East Campus Mall between Ogg and the Nick construction site is prohibited.
  • In general, all parking rules and regulations will be enforced throughout campus


House Fellows will be on duty in each residence hall and the House Fellow duty phone number is posted at entries of each residence hall.

Storage & Pickup

If you need storage, Lazybones is an authorized service provider affiliated with UW-Madison offering storage and shipping with free packing boxes, pick-up from your room, and delivery. Lazybones can store your possessions and/or deliver them even before you arrive. To use the Lazybones service, sign-up online, email, or call 877-215-2105.


Campus and US mail delivery will continue. Desk hours will be limited.


Maintenance and custodial staff will be available and working in all facilities. A maintenance request may be filled out if you need something.


Residence hall reopening information will be sent in follow-up communications.

Please note: This situation is changing rapidly, and the article below will not be updated as plans change. For the latest Housing information related to COVID-19 and move-out, please visit our Moving & Breaks page.