Housing Refund Update

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all students no longer living in University Residence Halls will receive a prorated room credit, as well as a credit for any remaining Housing resident food account funds on their Wiscard. These credits will be applied to their campus student account. If the student has any outstanding amounts due with campus, these amounts due will be subtracted from their credit, and any remaining credit balance will be refunded to the student.

Due to the reduction of our dining operations on campus this semester, UW-Madison students who lived in University Residence Halls during the previous academic year (the year ending May 2019) will also receive a credit back for any remaining balances on their Resident Food Account, rather than let it carry over to the next school year.

In order to receive their refunds as quickly as possible, we encourage students to be sure they are enrolled in eRefunding through MyUW Student Center. More information on eRefunding Direct Deposit can be found on the Bursar’s website.

We are coordinating with campus and UW System on the exact timing of when this credit will be applied. We will share updates when we have new information. Thank you for your understanding and patience through this challenging time for everyone.

For questions regarding these Housing credits, please email our Cashiers Office at cashiers.office@housing.wisc.edu, and someone will respond during normal work hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the credit be applied?
The credit is expected to be applied in the Student Center by mid-April.

How long will it take to receive the refund?
The time to receive a refund payment once the credit is applied will depend on the type of refund being issued: the Bursar’s office will process eRefunds (also known as direct deposit) each business day, and check refunds once per week.

What if I have a balance due?
If a student still has a balance due in their campus account after the Housing credit is applied, they will not receive a refund payment and are still expected to pay their outstanding balance.

Why is it a “credit,” not a refund?
While we are refunding students for these housing and dining costs, we refer to it as a credit, because it is applied to their campus account first, and any outstanding amounts due are subtracted before a refund payment is issued.

Can the credit be applied to next year’s housing?
No. Students cannot carry their refund into the next school year because of rules related to federal financial aid.

What are the dates that will be credited back?
Prorated room reimbursements for students who vacated the residence halls will cover March 23, 2020 through the remainder of the spring semester (May 10, 2020), regardless of the actual date they may have moved their belongings out of the residence hall.

How much will the credit be?
The amount of the credit to the student’s campus account will vary depending on the rental rate for their particular residence hall, room type, and learning community fees, as well as the remaining balance in their resident food account.

What happens with dining plan balances?
Remaining balances in resident food accounts will be credited as a payment in their student center account and removed from their Wiscard. We have decided to return this money to students, rather than let it carry over to the next school year. This includes former residents from the 2018-19 academic year who still have Resident Food Account balances, as long as they are still a current UW-Madison student. Please note, this refund does not apply to any monies deposited into a student’s general Wiscard account, which is separate from their food account. Moving forward, in future years we will resume having all leftover food account funds carry over from year to year.

Will the amount of my credit be affected by when I moved my belongings out of the room?
No. Students who were not able to get their belongings until later this semester will not be assessed any fees or see any impact on their housing costs/credits.

Will students who were approved to stay in the residence halls through the end of the semester receive any credit?
No. Residents who requested an exception to stay in the residence halls beyond March 30 will not receive a credit.

Campus Updates

For the latest ongoing campus updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit https://covid19.wisc.edu/

Please note: This situation is changing rapidly, and the article above will not be updated as plans change. For the latest Housing information related to COVID-19 and move-out, please visit our Moving & Breaks page.