Residents with Assistance & Service Animal Reminders

As residents are home more during this Safer at Home order, that also means our approved Assistance and Service animals are likely out and about more, especially as the weather cooperates. We wanted to send some reminders to our residents with approved animals:

  • Owners must be in full control of their animal at all times. Dogs and cats must be on a maximum 6 foot leash at all times when outside of owner’s apartment.
  • Animals may not be left unattended, and/or secured to tie-out stakes, posts or objects.
  • Owners must follow the City of Madison ordinance in cleaning up after the animal defecates. Please be considerate of your neighbors, especially with children playing outside more. If you know children play in a specific area in your neighborhood, we would encourage you to have your animal defecate in a less occupied area.
  • Owners must not allow animals to disturb, annoy, or cause any nuisance to other members of the University Apartments community.
  • Animals are not permitted in any public, common spaces such as laundry rooms or storage areas within the apartment buildings.

If any residents have concerns about animals in University Apartments, please let us know your concern and we will be happy to look into it for you.