Resident Manager Reminder: Working Together when Working From Home

With schools closed, businesses shut down, and the Governor’s Safer at Home order, residents are required to isolate at home. This can be stressful in a robust community like University Apartments, where residents are suddenly finding themselves to have to coexist with fellow residents who are home all the time.  Here are some trends we have been seeing the past few weeks and some tips on how to handle them:

Extra Noise

As most residents here know, when you live in an apartment building, one can expect noise throughout the day. Under normal circumstances, residents would leave for school or work, and the noise is usually manageable. Now that everyone has been forced to stay home, noise levels in your building could be uncomfortable with screaming kids, loud talking during conference calls, and musicians who need to practice during the day.

What to do?

As a resident, it’s important that we try to be both considerate and reasonable throughout the safer at home order. If you have parents cooped up with young children next door, cut them a little slack if they’re making a little extra noise during the day. Chances are, they’ll go to bed early to compensate. If you have children, take advantage of the outdoors if the weather is nice to give those working from home next door some quiet during the day. And at the same time, turn your own music and TV down if you realize they’re blasting. Normally, we would encourage you to communicate with your neighbors about noise concerns– but given physical distancing expectations, we encourage you to let University Apartments staff know about extreme noise concerns.


With more people stuck at home and the weather getting warmer outside, we may have more people smoking outside during the day. This could make life difficult for other residents who feel overwhelmed by the smell of smoke as they enter/exit or have their apartment windows open to get fresh air.

What to do?

If you do smoke, University policy requires that you smoke outside at least 25 feet away from any University building. As weather gets nicer, it’s important to consider that some people may have their apartment windows open, so trying to be considerate about that can also be helpful. If you’re a nonsmoker and see that fellow residents who do smoke are violating policy, please let University Apartments staff know and we can follow up with the individual.

Social Distancing

For our community, it is really important that we adhere to physical distancing guidelines, which direct people to stay a minimum distance of six feet away from anyone who does not live in your immediate household (in our community that would be anyone who lives in your apartment unit). Children often have a hard time understanding and implementing the rules of social distancing, so we are asking parents to keep an eye on their children when they are outside and help to enforce these guidelines. We have already had concerned residents reporting large groups of kids playing outside, which would normally be wonderful; but is highly discouraged in the current situation.

How to Reach Us

If you need assistance, please reach out to our Resident Manager team via e-mail at For urgent situations (locked out of apartment, no water, active water leak, etc.) you may call the Resident Manager on-call at 608-444-9308.