Roof Project in University Houses

The clay tile roofs on the 31 buildings of University Houses have reached the end of their useful life (approximately 72 years old).   We have made a number of repairs over the last several years and many of the buildings have cracked or missing roof tiles, creating a potential hazard for residents and guests.  A sample of the tiles have been tested and no longer meet technical requirements so cannot be reused or partially replaced as was originally planned.  The new roof coverings will be a high quality architectural grade asphalt product instead of the heavy clay tile which was deemed too costly.

A very important project for the integrity of the University Houses buildings has begun.  We are working with the State to replace all of the clay tile roofs this summer.  Highlights of this project include:

  • Replacement of all 31 buildings clay tile roofs with a high quality architectural grade asphalt shingle
  • Removal and replacement of metal covered wood fascia
  • Removal of gutters and either reinstalling the copper gutters or replacing the aluminum gutters
  • Most of the work will be external to the buildings done from lifts and scaffolding.
  • Some apartments will have to be entered by a specialty heating contractor to temporarily disconnect ductwork and then re-connect this ductwork in the attics.
  • The general contractor, Bachmann Construction has done extensive work in University Houses so we expect to have good information to share regularly about schedule and timelines.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, extra precautions will be taken by the contractors to follow guidelines for social distancing and cleaning.
  • General work hours will be Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.  Based on weather, some Saturday work may be needed, but we will always communicate that to you in advance.
  • While work is happening on your building, there will be some fence panels and some cones and caution tape to keep you out of the immediate work area.  The front doors will have covered walkways constructed.  Residents will need to move personal items from front and back patio areas about 15 feet from the building.  You will have access to the patio doors and back yard areas outside of work hours.
  • Currently the work is planned to start at buildings 1 and 2 and proceed around the community in a counter-clockwise direction.
    • We will send out specific detailed information for your building as we get closer to the work.