A Message of Support to Our Residents and Staff

I wanted to take a moment to reach out in support of our University Housing residents, student staff and full-time staff of color.  I struggle to find the right words that can adequately express anything of comfort. As Chancellor Blank stated, words condemning the tragic and inexcusable deaths of George Floyd and others are not enough. We agree that action needs to be taken, especially by those in positions of power and privilege. It is clear that many of our staff and students of color are personally struggling right now, and as we know unfortunately too well, it is not just right now……it has been for a long time.

It is important that I and all of us in University Housing commit to doing better and showing this in our actions. It is critical that our staff and students of color are seen and heard. You have a place on campus and in University Housing, and it is my responsibility that we are making sure you are valued and can find a safe space in our Housing community and family.

We will continue to create opportunities to educate, challenge one another to think about behavior, and act swiftly to hold those accountable when their behavior is unacceptable, disrespectful or violates policies of our University.  It is on all of us to not just take the easy path of expecting those who are struggling to reach out for assistance, we must use our power and privilege for change.  To our Black and Brown residents, staff, and incoming fall students, we hear you, we appreciate you and we stand together in unity with you. You are important to this campus, and your lives matter.


Jeff Novak
Director of University Housing