Summer Art Scout

Join our free community class this summer and become an art scout! In this online class, we’ll have different art projects you can learn how to do and use your creativity to make some amazing things. Each week, there will be a new video introducing a different art project that children can work on alone or families can do together. At the end of the week, you can share your creations with our community on our Google Classroom site. We’ll be focusing on creating art to personalize our homes and build community during this time of social distancing. We’ll meet for six weeks. The themes each week will be:

  1. Family name sign for your door
  2. Homemade chalk art for community workers
  3. Homemade play-dough charms
  4. Secret pictures with invisible ink
  5. Water bottle terrarium
  6. Family bulletin boards

Classes will start on Tuesday July 7th!

I’m looking forward to having you join and building our artistic community here in Eagle Heights! To join, please email Eunsil Chang at