Tips for Working from Home

For staff who are working remotely right now, working from home can prove difficult. You may be asking yourself, “What day is it again?”, or perhaps you’re tired of sitting on your couch all day and all evening. If you’re mentally drained or need a refresh, try some of these tips to keep your work and home lives on track.

Keep regular hours.

Try to start and end each day at the same time. You can flex some days if you need to, but keeping work time separate from your home life helps keep your mind on track.

Set a morning routine and stick to it.

Take what you would normally do before leaving for work and apply it to working from home. Sit down for a cup of coffee, make breakfast, or go for a jog. When your morning routine is complete, your mind knows it’s time to start working.

Set ground rules for those around you.

Make sure your family or roommates know that when you’re at your computer, it’s work time. This means minimizing distractions and setting boundaries for yourself and for them.

Remember to take breaks.

Don’t cut your lunch short. Use the full time to step away and recharge before the second half of your day. If you’re done eating early, use the rest of the time to play with your pet, do a household task, or catch up on social media.

Have a dedicated work space.

Keep your home office away from your home life. Your workstation should be solely for work. Otherwise, your mind and body may feel stuck.

End your workday with a routine.

After you turn off your computer for the day, take a walk, listen to an audiobook, or do something else you enjoy. Doing this will help you transition daily from work life to home life.


Don’t forget to check in with your friends and family. Sending a quick text, making a phone call, or video chatting helps you to stay connected with your loved ones and the outside world while staying at home. You can try video chatting with a coworker about a collaborative task instead of emailing, too.