Your UW-Madison Housing Assignment Will Arrive Soon

Later this week, you’ll receive room assignment information to #LiveWithBucky in the University Residence Halls. Before information is released, we wanted to share a few tips and frequently asked questions:

Check Your Email

Get in the habit of checking your email account on a regular basis. All UW-Madison related information will be sent there, including room, roommate, and move-in date/time assignments.

High Traffic

Our website and My UW Housing will experience a high amount of traffic when assignment information is released. If you have problems accessing anything, check back in an hour or two.


Unfortunately, it’s impossible for every student to receive an assignment that was one of their preferred halls or learning communities. For example, Ogg (610 spaces) had over 1,400 top preferences alone. You could receive an assignment to any of our residence halls or learning communities in either the Lakeshore or Southeast neighborhoods.

We do our best to maximize student satisfaction, but inevitably some students may be disappointed in their assignment. Regardless of a student receiving one of their preferences or not, over 80% of students tell us in end-of-year surveys that they would recommend their residence halls experience. No matter which community you live in, it’s about what you make of the experience.

Later Assignments

When assignment information is released, a small number of students will not receive a specific room assignment. These students are still guaranteed a room in the University Residence Halls, but will receive their assignment information later this summer.


When assignment information is released, students will be assigned a specific move-in date and time. Dates for fall 2020 move-in will be August 25 – 31, 2020. Housing student employees and members of specific approved student groups may receive a move-in date earlier that week. Please don’t make travel arrangements until you’ve received your move-in date/time. For now, see what Bucky would bring to campus and check out our plans for fall move-in.


Roommate information will also be included in your assignment information. Regardless of whether you indicated a preferred roommate or went random, roommates need to have good communication and respect privacy and property. We encourage you to be open-minded and have a positive attitude when getting in contact with your assigned roommate. Don’t make assumptions about your roommate based on their photo or what you find on social media.

Room Changes

We’re unable to make changes to room assignments during the summer. To be fair to all students, our room change process begins Tuesday, September 1 at 8 am CT in My UW Housing. All our residence halls are great places to meet people, get connected, and create your Wisconsin Experience, so going in with a positive attitude makes yours even better.


As long as you are still planning on attending UW-Madison, your housing contract is in effect for the entire academic year. We typically do not release students from the contract unless we are in a position where demand for housing exceeds occupancy. If you have questions about cancelling your housing contract, please contact us.


Speaking of contacting us, feel free to fill out our contact us form if you have any questions or concerns about your assignment. We typically reply to submitted questions within five business days, but responses may be further delayed during peak times and due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your patience.

Note: filling out the form once is sufficient. We will return your message. Multiple contacts inhibit our ability to get back to you and other students in a timely manner.

Assignments Error

Over the Fourth of July weekend, some students who logged in to My UW Housing may have noticed an assignment listed. These assignments were for internal testing purposes only and their display was an error. If you saw one of these assignments last weekend, be aware your final assignment may be different than what was listed.

We can’t wait to welcome you to campus this fall. On, Wisconsin