Continued Physical Distancing with Children

Cartoon illustration of physical distancing

For our community, it is really important that we adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Children often have a hard time understanding and implementing the rules of social distancing, and may not be developmentally at an age where they are capable of doing this on their own, so we are asking parents to please keep an eye on their children when they are outside and help to enforce these guidelines.

We have already had concerned residents reporting large groups of kids playing outside, which would normally be wonderful; but is highly discouraged in the current situation. The CDC has classified groups of people who would be considered high risk which includes the elderly, pregnant women, and people with certain pre-existing health conditions. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are following these recommended guidelines, so while we understand it is time away from other tasks for parents to join their kids outside; we believe it is important for the safety of everyone in the community that parents do this, especially for younger children who may not be able to follow these rules on their own without gentle reminders.

The NY Times has put together an article with some tips that you may find helpful and useful in these unprecedented times.