Madison Mental Health Services

Amplify Your Voice with Madison Mental Health Services on Friday, July 10Amplify your voice with Madison Mental Health Services during Zoom sessions led by Christa Gundrum.  The link to join the Zoom meeting is in the picture and  below is her introduction to our community:

I am a graduate student of Counseling at Northwestern University and an Intern Counselor at Madison Mental Health Services.

It is my passion to learn and be of service to others, both as a clinician and in everyday life. I look forward to meeting and conversing with new people.

Traveling and learning about various cultures is a favorite pastime.  I have lived in Wisconsin throughout my life, and hope to live in sunny Colorado in the future, as I feel at home near the mountains. I have friends, colleagues, and family here in Wisconsin, as well as other states and countries.

I adore animals!  I have 2 cats named Vinnie and Pandorah, and a Chihuahua named Batman. I am proud that they are my fur babies!

Cooking and exploring various cuisines is enjoyable to me. Mexican and Indian cuisine are two of my favorite kinds of meals. I cook often, and explore and use a wide array of spices.

I am a philosopher and deep thinker at heart! I love to write and read memoirs while enjoying an iced coffee on an autumn day. I’ve been a barista in coffee shops for about 12 years, and I love doing latte art and preparing espresso drinks.

I am eager to connect with and hear voices in the community.  To provide a supportive place to be open and share our experience, strength, and hope with one another. I value diversity!

These are some basic things about me. If there is anything to add or take out, no problem. I just did my best to give a quick share on myself!

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Christa Gundrum