Can I leave and go home during quarantine?

Public health experts advise against travel while you are in quarantine or isolation for COVID-19. This is important for preventing the spread of the disease to others and to other communities. If you can stay where you are, that is the safest solution.

If you do choose to travel:

  • Do not travel via public transportation.
  • Drive alone if you can. If not, limit the number of individuals in the vehicle.
  • Wear a face covering at all times.
  • Maintain as much physical distance as possible between you and others while you travel.
  • Do not make non-essential stops.
  • Once you reach your destination, follow CDC instructions for isolation.

If you leave the building other than to go to Gordon during meal times without an approved exception, the earliest you may be able to return would be Wednesday, September 23rd. You will need to turn in your room key at the front desk and will not be allowed to return to the building until the quarantine is lifted, so take any important belongings with you. You will need to have a recent negative test prior to being allowed to return to the residence hall. This date is subject to change.

If you have already left for home for the quarantine, please complete our quarantining-at-home form so we know your plans.