Do residents in isolation and quarantine get any time outside?

In our residence hall spaces designated for isolation of COVID-positive residents, we have a contained outside area where the students can be outside for short periods, but gatherings are still not allowed. There is evidence that even for those already exposed to COVID-19, continued exposure could cause increased symptoms and complications. Isolation is to be a place to rest and let the virus take its course in a safe environment. Other behaviors undermine these efforts.

In our hotel facilities designated for quarantine, unfortunately we are not able to provide outside time. The purpose of quarantine is to completely separate exposed students from all other individuals so that they do not potentially spread the virus to others. Similar to hotel quarantines that have been implemented by governments around the world, students will be required to remain in their hotel room for the entire period. They must stay in their room until cleared by UHS (typically 14 days for quarantine). We understand the desire for outside time to get fresh air and relieve stress, but this is the best that we can offer, for the safety of our residents and the community. If that does not work for a student, they can choose to isolate or quarantine at home or cancel their Housing contract. If students are experiencing anxiety or depression, there are many mental health support resources available to help.

At times when our hotel facilities have to be used for isolation, unfortunately we are still not able to provide outside time at these sites. Students must stay in their room until cleared by UHS (typically 10 days for isolation). Again, this is the best that we can offer, for the safety of our staff working within these facilities, and students have options to return home if this does not work for them.