Help Keep Your Building Clean

We’ve increased our facilities staff in your building to help keep everything clean but as a member of our community, it’s more important than ever that all everyone is doing their part to keep our buildings clean. This means cleaning up after yourselves in the bathroom and common areas such as dens and study spaces.  Clean up any messes you make and do not leave personal belongings in common areas.  Please also ensure that trash is being disposed of correctly.  Sellery residents should make sure that trash is taken out to the dumpster recently added to the front parking lot (use the main entrance to exit & re-enter the building).  Witte residents should take all personal trash items out to the dumpsters located on the side of the building near the corner of Francis St. and Johnson St. (Please use the Courtyard entrance to exit and re-enter the building). Please do not throw personal garbage in the bathroom or den lounges. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our building clean.