In Your Backyard: Lakeshore Nature Preserve Audio Trail

Map of Audio Stories in Lakeshore Preserve

By Bryn Scriver and Daniel Einstein

The Preserve has so many stories to tell! If only the trees could talk…

Well there is a way to learn about the cultural and natural history of the Preserve, that is almost like hearing it from the trees. Next time you are wandering about the Preserve and you come across a “story spot” marked by a small green sign, call the number on the sign to hear a narrated recording.

Just follow the recorded prompts. You’ll hear a 2 minute (or shorter) recording on a variety of topics. There are tales about what happened a thousand years ago, stories about on-going projects, and information about plants and animals that live in the Preserve. A special set of topics was developed for the Class of 1918 Marsh in memory of Professor Stanley Dodson who spent many hours mentoring students, using the marsh as a teaching tool.

Take along a map and visit all the stops on the Audio Trail. Why not make a treasure hunt excursion out of it? Print an Audio Trail Map here.

Happy exploring!