Maintaining our Progress

After two weeks of increased restrictions in the residence halls and limiting interactions with others, we’ve made progress in decreasing cases of COVID-19. You received an email yesterday with several Housing updates for this week. Going forward, it is critical that we maintain this progress if we want to avoid future quarantines or having to close residence halls this year.

This pandemic continues to be a major public health concern in Dane County and beyond, and many of our restrictions and enhanced safety policies remain in place. In University Housing, we are moving to a weekly COVID-19 testing schedule, required for all residents, starting 9/28, which will allow us to identify cases more quickly and help to reduce further spread. But ultimately, containing the spread of the virus will require limiting the contact between our residents. We cannot stress enough that it is going to take great diligence and strict compliance with our behavioral guidelines to get through this. Violations of any COVID-related behavioral requirements may result in removal of students from their residence hall and revocation of their Housing contract with no refund.

We strongly encourage all of our students and their families to consider what’s best for them given their particular circumstances over the remainder of the semester. Do you or your loved ones have any co-morbidities that would make a COVID-19 infection riskier? Please think carefully about your options as you are charting a course for the balance of your semester…

  • You could consider completing the semester online from home. For some of you, this might not be the environment you hoped for, and these requirements might be more stringent than you feel you can follow, especially if your courses are entirely online. If that is the case for you, University Housing will accept contract cancellations through the My UW Housing portal and will return your prorated housing funds and unused dining funds. (Please note, if you are enrolled in any in-person courses, you will need to continue attending those classes when they resume in person to avoid academic consequences, so please plan accordingly.)
  • You could also consider recommitting yourself to a safe fall semester on campus. For those of you who want to stay and are doing your part to follow guidelines towards a safe, successful semester on campus, we thank you, and we commit to providing the best housing experience possible during this unique year. We soon will launch a weekly e-newsletter to all residents, providing helpful updates and resources and highlighting the many virtual programs available to our students.

For ongoing updates, please continue to visit our FAQ page. For questions, please use our Contact form. Thank you for your cooperation.