Sellery & Witte Residents – Required Testing: 9/21 & 9/22

All residents will need to be retested for COVID-19 on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Please make time today (Friday) or tomorrow (Saturday) to log in to MyUHS to schedule a COVID testing appointment at the Kohl Center. If you do not see appointments available, check back later in the day, because additional appointment times are being continuously added.

  • Where: Kohl Center (see specific Sellery/Witte entry points)
  • When: Sept. 21 and 22, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This third round of testing will supply the additional data we need to assess the quarantine status of these buildings.
Again, all residents living in Sellery and Witte are required to have a test on Sept. 21 or Sept. 22If you fail to complete testing on Sept. 21 or Sept. 22, we will assume that you are not here, and your electronic building access will be restricted.
Students who do not comply with testing requirements may be removed from the University Residence Halls.
Note: if you have been previously exempted from testing by University Health Services (UHS), please disregard this message.

Test Results – Isolation & Quarantine Housing

We are currently receiving test results of our second round of testing from Sellery & Witte during this quarantine period. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or if you have been contacted by a contract tracer or University Housing about medium or high-risk exposure to COVID-19 you will be moved to isolation or quarantine housing.

Quarantining at Home?

If you have already or plan to leave your residence hall, log in to My UW Housing and click the link under “Temporary Vacate Room” so that we can temporarily remove you from communications to residents who are staying. You will need to submit proof of a negative test result before returning (you can test at a location at your home or you can test at a campus testing site). These results should be submitted through MyUHS:

  • Select the “Messages” tab.
  • Click “New Message”.
  • Select the “COVID-19 Outside Result Report” option to complete the form and attach your lab results documentation.

Note: Before returning to your residence hall, if you are coming back to campus you can still schedule a test via MyUHS at campus testing locations to submit proof of a negative test result. Please share your results at least three business days in advance of your return — this allows UHS staff enough time to receive, review, and approve your test results. Submitted test results need to be a PCR or antigen test. At this time, we are not accepting antibody tests.