What are the COVID-19 testing requirements during quarantine?

Residents of Sellery and Witte will follow a different COVID-19 testing schedule during quarantine than the standard bi-weekly schedule. Information will be sent to students via email. As part of our focused efforts to manage COVID-19 cases in your residence hall, all Sellery and Witte residents who are still on campus are required to participate in this COVID-19 testing. If you fail to complete a test during this time, we will assume that you are not here, and your electronic building access will be restricted until the quarantine is lifted. 

For those who have temporarily returned home for the quarantine period, you do not need to participate in this round of testing.  However, you will need to submit proof of a negative test result conducted after September 15 before returning in order to reinstate your building access. These results should be submitted through MyUHS. (In MyUHS, select the “Messages” tab, click “New Message,” and select the “COVID-19 Outside Result Report” option to complete the form and attach your lab results documentation.)

Students who reenter Sellery or Witte without completing the testing requirements may be removed from University Housing.