Choosing to Stay on Campus for Quarantine or Isolation

As you know, University Housing has reserved several properties around campus and the Madison area to accommodate residents who are diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have come into close contact with someone who tested positive. Through this initiative, we have designated over 1,200 beds for quarantine and isolation, exclusively for our residents to help keep our residence hall communities safe.

When students are contacted about needing to go into quarantine or isolation, they have the option of returning home for this two-week period or going into one of our designated spaces. For students who tested positive, they would be placed into a residence hall isolation space. For students who are identified as having a medium or high-risk exposure, they would be placed into a hotel quarantine space.

We encourage residents going into either quarantine or isolation to take advantage of these designated spaces and stay on campus, rather than traveling home. Spending your quarantine or isolation in one of these campus spaces is the safest option for you, your families, and the greater community. There is no added cost for students to stay in these spaces during their quarantine or isolation. (Students only pay for any meals or laundry service that they order, as they would normally.) By staying in these spaces rather than traveling and staying with loved ones, you avoid putting others at risk.

If a student goes into quarantine or isolation close to Thanksgiving, we recommend they finish their stay here rather than traveling home.

To learn more about our quarantine and isolation spaces for residents, visit our COVID-19 housing accommodations website.