Visitor and Cancellation Policy Updates

Visitor Policy

As a result of the progress we have made since the beginning of the semester, effective October 12, 2020, all residence halls will be returning to the visitor policy from the start of this semester. Residents may now visit other residence halls besides their own. Each room owner is permitted to host one visitor in their room at any one time, which may now include someone from another residence hall. Please remember, only University Housing residents and staff are allowed to enter the residence halls. And all policies regarding gatherings and health guidelines still remain in place. Visitor policies will be temporarily adjusted on certain occasions such as Halloween and Badger football game days.

Cancellation Deadline

Now that circumstances on campus have stabilized, starting October 19, 2020, Housing will return to the original terms of the residence halls contract regarding cancellations (sections 16 and 17). If you are still considering a permanent return home to study online for the remainder of the year, please submit your cancellation request in My UW Housing before that date. Cancellations are for the academic year, and we cannot guarantee that spaces will be available for those who reapply for spring semester housing.