Voting and Polling Locations for Housing Residents

Depending on which residence hall you live in, your voting and polling location on campus for the November 3 Presidential Election differs. You can also register to vote at these locations on election day.

  • Dejope, Phillips, Bradley, Sullivan, Cole, Leopold, Kronshage, Jorns, and Humphrey residents vote at the Wisconsin Energy Institute (1552 University Ave)
  • Barnard, Chadbourne, Waters, Tripp, Adams, and Slichter residents vote at Memorial Union (800 Langdon St)
  • Ogg, Merit, Davis, and Smith residents vote at the Nicholas Recreation Center (797 W Dayton St)
  • Sellery and Witte residents vote at the Chazen Art Museum (750 University Ave)

You must show proof of address (physical or online copy) to register and a photo ID to vote.  Out of state driver licenses will not work as an ID when voting in Wisconsin. Your Wiscard is not an accepted photo ID.  If you do not have an accepted photo ID, you can obtain a UW Madison voter-compliant ID card by visiting the campus voter information website or pick it up at the Wiscard office at Union South.

The campus voter information site also includes links to virtual office hours to address voting questions, or you can also call a voter helpline at 608-285-2141.

For more information about voting on campus, visit