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We know things are busy, and we want to help make things a little easier. That’s why we’re offering Dinner by Dining. These are hot meals for 2, 4, or 6 guests that will be hot and ready for pick-up. All packages include the family meal for that week, plates, flatware, napkins, and any other necessary condiments for the number of guests for your order.


Serves 2 – $18.00
Serves 4 – $35.00
Serves 6 – $52.00


Wednesday 11/4: Rotisserie Chicken, Whipped Potatoes, Balsamic Glazed Green Beans, French Dinner Roll & Whipped Butter

University Apartments Ordering Instructions

  • Visit go.wisc.edu/dinner-by-dining or use the “Place your order” button above to begin ordering
  • Select Place your Order
  • Select Pick Up at University Apartments
  • Arrive to University Apartments
  • Pick up at University Apartments Community Center Parking Lot at 5pm on 11/4/2020