Twice-Weekly COVID-19 Testing and End-of-Semester Expectations

After November Break, all residents living in the University Residence Halls are required to be tested for COVID-19 twice a week for the remainder of the fall semester, unless exempt.*

Your testing schedule will follow the weekly pattern listed here, on the same days of the week through final exams. Begin scheduling appointments for these dates now.

If you have questions or issues with scheduling your test, contact University Health Services (UHS) directly or contact us.

Returning from Travel

As a reminder, any residents who travel for November Break and return to campus for the end of the semester should self-quarantine upon returning until they receive two negative test results. Students self-quarantining in the residence halls should limit their activity outside their room to only essential errands, such as medical appointments (including COVID-19 testing), getting food or groceries, and work (with precautions). Students in self-quarantine must follow all public health guidelines, including use of face coverings, testing, physical distancing, and hand washing.

Everyone who travels should assume that they have come in contact with the virus and should help us by following guidance to support reduced transmission.

End-of-Semester Requirements

All students staying in the residence halls for the remainder of the fall must continue to follow COVID-19-related policies and public health guidelines to minimize spread of the virus, so that our residents can have a safe and successful finish to the semester.


*There may be a few allowed exceptions to weekly testing and/or quarantine requirements, particularly for students who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days and have recovered. Formal documentation must be submitted for approval to