Update Your Address for Tax Form Distribution

Now is the time to make sure your address information is up-to-date for tax form distribution (such as the W-2 Form). Review and update your address in MyUW as soon as possible.

Your 2021 W-2 Form will be mailed to the first available address on record in the following order: mailing, home or office address.

Note: Active employees who have signed up for electronic-only W-2 Form delivery will not receive a mailed copy.

To ensure your W-2 Form and other tax forms are sent to your preferred address, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the MyUW portal.
  2. Launch the Personal Information tile to view your current mailing and/or home address. If the address you prefer for W-2 Form distribution is not displayed, update your mailing address by clicking on the Update my Personal Information link. Refer to change your personal details for instructions.
  3. If you want to update your office address, you must contact your human resources office.
  4. While in the portal, review your other personal information, such as work and personal email, phone number, etc. and make updates as needed.

An online copy of your W-2 Form will be available in late January in the portal Payroll Information tile.

Update your address by January 4, 2021 to guarantee that your address has been received in time for tax form distribution. If you have questions, contact hr@housing.wisc.edu.