What is Banked Leave (Formerly Known as Sabbatical)

The annual leave conversion process for University Staff is coming up soon! During this time, eligible employees can roll unused Vacation into Banked Leave. Banked Leave is protected Vacation – you can never lose it, it carries over from year to year, and you can use it at any time if you run out of other leave. If you leave state service, your Banked Leave is paid out at the rate you are earning at the time of separation. Unless you are planning on using all Vacation by the end of the year, it is beneficial to convert it to Banked Leave.

Eligibility to convert Vacation to Banked Leave is based on years of continuous service, FTE (full-time or part-time), and your FLSA status – whether you are non-exempt (hourly) or exempt (salaried). Eligible employees will receive notification and instructions later in November.

Banked Leave Conversion Eligibility

Number of Hours an Employee Can Bank
Years of Continuous Service
Non-Exempt (Hourly)
Exempt (Salaried)
0 to 5 years 0 hours 0 hours
5+ to 10 years 0 hours 40 hours
10+ to 15 years 40 hours 40 hours
15+ to 20 years 40 hours 80 hours
20+ to 25 years 80 hours 120 hours
Earn < 160 hours of vacation & have accrued at least 520 hours of sick leave 40 hours 40 hours


Annual Vacation Allocation

Years of Continuous Service
Non-Exempt (Hourly)
Exempt (Salaried)
0 to 5 years 104 120
5+ to 10 years 144 160
10+ to 15 years 160 176
15+ to 20 years 184 200
20+ to 25 years 200 216
25+ years 216 216