The Heating System

It is quite easy to find the heating controls in each apartment. Usually, the heating control, known as the thermostat, can be found in the hallway or living room of the Eagle Heights apartments. At the University Houses apartment units there is a control on each radiator located at the bottom of the radiator that can regulate the temperature in each room. The thermostat has a gauge on the bottom that indicates the current temperature of the room and it has a dial on the top that can be adjust to the desired heat setting. The heat can be increased up to around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 22 degrees Celsius. Sometimes when the radiators are heating up, a knocking or clicking sound can be heard, which is normal for the heating system in Eagle Heights and it is usually due to the expansion of the heating pipes.  Watch this video to see how to adjust your thermostat.

Leave the heat on while traveling

It is important to know that during cold Wisconsin winters it is necessary to continually have the heat running. If you shut the heat off during the winter, the radiator pipes will freeze and burst, which will cause a great deal of water damage. Please make sure you leave the heat on while you are traveling during the winter break. Set the heating dial on around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it is important to leave the cabinet doors under your kitchen sink open in order to allow heat to circulate. In addition, leave the bedroom and bathroom doors open to increase heat circulation throughout the apartment.

Heat distribution    

Some of the cabinet type radiators in the apartments have vents (a metal sheet that rotates), which can be opened and closed to regulate the flow of heat throughout a room. If you close the vent the heat will not flow as well; thus, causing the room not to heat very well. If you rotate the vent upwards, the vent will open enabling more heat to flow and circulate in the room. In addition, it is important to keep furniture away from the radiators in order to allow heat to circulate around the room more efficiently.

Use additional clothing

It is a good idea to wear more layers of clothing during the winter months in order to feel warmer. Also, having a few cozy blankets around would be helpful and warming. Also, when stepping outside keep warm and wear gloves and hats along with other winter gear to protect against frostbite and harsh, cold weather. Fingers can freeze very quickly in -10 degrees Fahrenheit weather especially if there are windchills. Last year we had winter days getting as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sleeping tip

Studies have indicated that you sleep a lot better when your room is colder. The ideal ambient temperature for sleeping is around 60 to 67F degrees. However, everyone has a different tolerance to heat and cold conditions.

Keep warm and enjoy the wonders of winter.