Self-Quarantine When Returning to Campus

For the safety of our residents and the community, students returning from winter break should self-quarantine until they have received two negative COVID-19 tests on campus. We know that many of you are excited to see fellow Badgers and explore Madison again, but the virus is prevalent throughout the United States and many countries, and we need residents to limit their activity when they first return to campus to reduce the risk of bringing COVID-19 to our community.

Self-quarantine involves limiting your activity outside your home and avoiding contact with others. When self-quarantining in the residence halls, you should limit your activity outside your room to only essential errands, such as medical appointments (including COVID-19 testing), getting food or groceries, academics, and work (with precautions). Students in self-quarantine must follow all public health guidelines, including use of face coverings, testing, physical distancing, and hand washing.

You may also consider self-quarantining at home for several days before returning to campus to avoid potential contact with the virus. If you’re traveling back to Madison, follow campus travel guidance. Test before you travel if possible, limit your out-of-home activities as much as you can for 10 days before you travel, and postpone your travel if you test positive or have symptoms of COVID-19.