Spring COVID-19 Testing for Residents

When students come back to campus from winter break, they will need to test for COVID-19 upon their return to campus as part of move-in, and throughout the semester they will be required to take a COVID-19 test twice weekly (every 72 hours). For those living in the residence halls, residents will still test primarily at the Housing locations in Ogg Hall and Holt Center, which continue using the nasal swab testing method. These sites are open Monday through Friday, so residents should plan their testing accordingly to stay compliant with the 72-hour requirement. Other campus testing sites can be used if needed.

All scheduling of COVID-19 tests will now be done through the Safer Badgers app, not through the MyUHS portal. The MyUHS portal will no longer show available testing appointments.

Please note that testing preparation instructions in the Safer Badgers app are written for the saliva testing method used at other campus sites. For the nasal swab testing at Housing sites, it is not necessary to avoid eating, drinking, or smoking before your test.