A Message from Our Dining Staff

A dining team member cooking over a skillet grill.

Dear Residents,

I am writing to you today because we need your help. In Dining, one of our greatest joys is being given the opportunity to serve you and help make your day the best it can be. Even though times are different right now, we still hold those joys close to our heart, and it keeps us going day in and day out.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have started to experience a lack of compliance in our dining markets from some residents, and at times a disregard for each other’s personal safety. This is making our dining markets unsafe, not only for you and your friends, but also for Dining staff who are working the front lines. While you may see us just as Dining staff, we are more than that. We are grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers. Some of us have underlying health concerns, some of us are caring for others with compromised health, and some of us have our own young children at home. We all take a risk to ensure we are here to welcome you as you come in to get your next meal to refuel your mind, body, and soul. We ask that you also take a moment to realize that we are all one community, both on-campus and off-campus, and it is every individual’s responsibility to help protect one another.

Unfortunately, if we do not see an immediate change in face covering and physical distancing compliance, we will be forced to indefinitely close our dine-in seating options. We understand our space is more than a place to eat. It is study space, a place where you can visit with one another, and a place to connect. We do not enjoy seeing our dining rooms dark and empty, as we feel the missing energy. However, the safety of everyone is our top priority.

We ask you to make the following immediate changes:

  • Practice proper physical distancing at all times
  • Properly wear your face covering above your nose at all times while in the marketplace and dining room
    • Face coverings may be removed when actively eating your meal
    • Remember, drinking a beverage or eating a snack does not constitute a meal. If you are not consuming an actual meal you must keep your face covering on and lower when taking a drink or a bite of your snack.
  • Be kind. If a staff member asks you to abide by any of the guidelines outlined above, please do not respond rudely or inappropriately. They are only trying to keep you, your peers, our team, and our community safe.

Immediate compliance with these guidelines is the only way we can keep the dining rooms open for everyone. We are all part of one campus community, and it is up to you and all of us to do our part. You can help by not only remaining in compliance yourself, but also reminding others to follow all COVID related rules and policies as well. We are all in this together, and if everyone does their part, we can all get through it together as well.


Peter Testory
Director, University Housing Dining & Culinary Services