Getting Ready for the Cold

Snowy street in down town Madison

Friday through at least next Tuesday we are expecting our first period of really cold weather this winter with air temperatures expected to be below 0 degrees F (-17.7 degrees C).   When wind chills are factored in, effective air temperatures of -20 to -30 degrees F can be expected. To assist with maintaining the heat in buildings and to help avoid frozen pipes here are a few things you can do for the next few days until temperatures improve:

  • Keep all windows closed and latched. Although some residents prefer to have a window open for fresh air, the apartments will not stay warm enough if a window is open. Please also make sure that windows in common hallways are closed.
  • If our staff notice an open window in an apartment where no one is home, they will enter the apartment to close the window.  Our staff has closed a number of open windows during the last few days.  If you notice an open window at a neighbor’s apartment and they are not home, please let us know- call the Apartment Facilities Office (608-262-2037) weekdays or the Resident Manager On Call (608-444-9308) evenings and weekends.
  • Keep bedroom and bathroom doors open as much as possible; this helps with overall circulation of heat in the apartments.
  • Keep items 6 to 8 inches away from heat convectors or radiators, this includes furniture and boxes; more space is better to allow heated air to circulate.
  • Consider opening the cupboard doors below the kitchen sink. If your kitchen has a wall that is exposed to the outside, this can help protect the water pipes from freezing.  If you have had frozen pipes previously, you may also want to adjust the cold water to a constant dripping at your kitchen and/or bathroom faucet(s).
  • Call in maintenance concerns that could be related to the cold weather as soon as possible.  Issues like no heat or no water are urgent and should be called in right away, no matter the time of day.  We have staff on call 24 hours a day for emergencies.  If we can address frozen pipes early, we can usually thaw them out.  If you wait too long and the pipe bursts, there can be thousands of dollars of damage to the building and to personal belongings.  If you notice water bubbling up from the ground outside this is likely a water main break and should also be called in immediately.  During the weekdays, contact the Apartment Facilities Office (608-262-2037) and on evenings or weekends, call the Resident Manager on call at (608-444-9308).
  • If you are currently away from campus, please let us know and we are happy to check your apartment windows, adjust your thermostat, and open cabinets as needed.

If you have any questions, please let us know.
Apartments Facilities Team