Journalism Student Project Requests

As a semesterly reminder, this is a time of year when many Journalism students begin working on campus reporting projects for their classes (particularly J202) and contacting departments around campus for interviews. University Housing is frequently a topic of their projects. These students might reach out to people they know in Housing, or they might send the same request to several people they find in online directories.

We generally do our best to accommodate these requests and support the academic mission of the University. If you receive requests like these, please contact the Marketing department so that we can vet them and route them appropriately. Depending on the request, we may simply give you approval to work with the student directly, or we may try to coordinate a response in some other form.

Either way, if you speak to a student for one of these projects, be aware that some of these class projects may still find their way online or into local media, so always be conscious of that when responding and providing information.

If you have questions or any concerns about Journalism student requests, please contact Brendon Dybdahl, Director of Marketing & Communications, at, or the general Marketing inbox at