A New Intranet is Coming Soon

Nearly a year ago, we announced that a new Housing intranet was in the works, using SharePoint, and we asked for your help in finding a name for the new site. After some time on hold because of other priorities, we’re excited to finally share the winning name and news on the site’s upcoming launch.

In a few weeks, the Housing Hub will officially go live, taking the place of the old intranet. The new site will bring together links to the online tools that you use throughout your work day, in one centralized place that integrates with many of the department SharePoint sites you’re all using already.

Congratulations to the eight Housing staff who all submitted a version of “Housing Hub” in our naming contest. All of them will receive $25 loaded onto their Wiscard and the glory of knowing they contributed to the naming of this important staff resource. They are:

  • Amelia Roemer, Business Services
  • Jennifer Powers, Dining & Culinary Services
  • Jolene Esterline, University Apartments
  • Lindsay Gustin, Residence Hall Facilities
  • Marie Kitzman, Human Resources
  • Pamela Lisowe, Residence Life
  • Phillip Senter, Residence Hall Facilities
  • Roxanne Hammer, Residence Hall Facilities

Stay tuned for the full Housing Hub launch announcement, coming soon!