Residence Hall Kitchens Reopening

Effective today, March 8, kitchens in the residence halls will be available for resident use through a key checkout process. The kitchens had previously been closed (with a few exceptions) since the fall due to issues related to the COVID pandemic. Many students had requested that we reopen these spaces for residents to be able to prepare their own food, and we are pleased that we can do that now.

To access kitchens in your residence hall, visit your hall desk to check out the key with your Wiscard. We are still not able to check out kitchen equipment such as pots and pans, so you will need to bring your own cookware and other items. You will also need to clean surfaces after you use them, using the provided cleaning supplies.

In order to keep the kitchens open and safe for all, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Always wear your mask while in this space
  2. Adhere to the occupancy limitations in this space and maintain 6-feet physical distancing from others
  3. Do not eat or drink anything while in this space
  4. Clean all dishes that you have used and remove them from the kitchen, anything left behind will be discarded
  5. Clean all surfaces that are soiled with provided supplies
  6. Disinfect counters, surfaces and touch points in the kitchen area after you are done using the space using the wipes that have been provided
  7. The refrigerator is not available for community use
  8. If additional dish soap is needed, please submit a MARS request
  9. If additional disinfectant wipes are needed, please submit a MARS request
  10. Do not bring additional furnishings such as chairs or tables into the kitchen

Thank you for your cooperation and efforts, so that we can offer kitchen access while keeping our community safe.