Students Helping Students in Need Through Housing Scholarships

This school year, over 40 UW-Madison students needing financial assistance received a $500 scholarship from University Housing towards their housing-related costs. These scholarships were made possible by the proceeds from linen package sales to Housing residents, in an effort to help address housing insecurity.

Working with the Office of Student Financial Aid, this initiative identified 41 students in the Bucky’s Tuition Promise program who had unmet housing cost needs and awarded them this scholarship for the spring semester. Students were chosen based on their level of need.

“The money I received from the program means a lot to me because it alleviated the stress I was feeling about covering all the costs that going to college entails,” shares Estella, a resident of Waters Residence Halls and a recipient of this year’s scholarship. “The biggest way this money has helped me be more successful this year is that it allowed me the luxury of having more time to focus on my education and my health, rather than needing that time to work at my job. It’s made a huge difference!”

The program is one more way to help incoming Wisconsin students with financial need to be successful in their first year. Through Bucky’s Tuition Promise, these students receive four years of free tuition at UW-Madison, but many still need funds to cover housing expenses and other costs of attending college. “These scholarships support our residents who need it most by giving them some added financial security while they live on campus,” says Jeff Novak, director of University Housing. “We’re committed to our residents and their campus experience, and using a portion of the linen sales for this program helps us to demonstrate that commitment.”

University Housing plans to continue this scholarship program in future years, exploring ways to make it even better. Says Novak, “Any way we can provide additional support to our students in need is a goal of ours.”