Visitor Policy Adjustment

Due to improvements in resident COVID-19 testing results, we are pleased to announce an easing of the current residence halls visitor policy. Effective Thursday, March 4, residents of buildings that are on the normal COVID testing schedule may once again visit residence halls other than their own. For example, a resident of Kronshage Hall may now have a guest from Leopold Hall or Smith Hall in their room or in the den.

Visitor Requirements

As a reminder, the visitor policy still has the following requirements:

  • Only Housing residents and staff are allowed on resident floors.
  • Each resident is only permitted to host one visitor/guest at any time. In a double room, no more than four individuals may be present in the room at a time (two room owners plus one guest each). In a single room, no more than two people are permitted to be in a room.
  • Visitors from off-campus are not allowed.
  • Visitors are required to wear proper face coverings when outside resident rooms.
  • Residents and visitors must continue to maintain proper physical distancing of at least six feet from other students in common areas AND wear a face covering.

Possible Future Adjustments

If case counts become concerning again or other issues arise, we will reassess this visitor policy. That could mean reverting back to more visitor restrictions for some or all residence halls. But we hope that this is not necessary if we can all work together to avoid spread of the virus.


For ongoing updates related to COVID-19, continue to visit our FAQ page. If you have questions or issues with scheduling your test, contact University Health Services (UHS) directly. For other questions, use our contact form.

Thank you to all students who are doing their part to protect our community from COVID-19. Remain vigilant with testing and public health guidelines, and keep up the good work. On, Wisconsin!