What’s Happening in HR? – May 19, 2021

Single Payroll

In July, the UW System is moving from running both a monthly and a biweekly payroll cycle to running just a single, biweekly cycle for all employee categories.

Here in Housing HR, this means updating process and training documents and running a lot of test files to ensure that all employees will be paid correctly when the payroll cycles are combined.

HR is working on communication for employees who will be impacted and gathering and sharing information with System to advocate for the unique needs of a 24/7 operation like Housing.

End of Fiscal Year

HR is doing a full-year audit of Academic Staff leave balances and will be sending out Academic Staff leave balance reminders for the end of the year.

I-9 Documents

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, the federal government granted temporary flexibility for employers to review new employee I-9 paperwork virtually, instead of in person. During this time, University Housing completed paperwork for over 1,000 new student and career staff!

Unfortunately, this flexibility will be ending soon. This now means that Housing HR is required to physically review I-9 documents for employees that originally submitted their paperwork virtually.

Throughout April and May, HR has been reaching out to staff who are now needing to show documents in person in order to remain 100% compliant with I-9 completion, starting with student staff. We have been holding paperwork appointment tables in Dejope and Gordon and so far have helped hundreds of people complete this requirement!

If you are a supervisor or manager of career staff who were hired after March 2020, watch for information from HR soon on any next steps needed for your staff.

Title & Total Compensation Project (TTC)

The TTC project, which was delayed as result of COVID, has now resumed and will have a November 7th implementation date. Campus and Housing HR have been working hard to get this project up and running again.

Your department leaders, in conjunction with HR, are busy reviewing your position description and finding the best match for your new position description and title. Also, customizing PD’s so they are specific to our Housing jobs is taking place.  Soon (sometime before September 10th), you can expect to have a conversation with your supervisor about what your new PD and title will be.  HR will coordinate with Cultural Linguistic Services when appropriate.  We also have quite a few employees (approximately 85) who already had their conversation last spring.

HR is also gathering and providing Department Heads a complete list of all business titles (working titles) that will be looked at holistically in the division later this summer.

HR also continues to sit on campus TTC committees.  Our role is to advocate for the needs of our division and employees.  We are also reviewing the various training resources that campus has created, and may be creating some of our own, in order to help everyone understand TTC and what to expect as the project moves forward.