Annual CSA/Title IX Responsible Employee Training in August

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Under the Clery Act, certain staff, faculty, and student employees have mandated reporting obligations. These individuals, called “Campus Security Authorities” (CSAs), are required to forward statistical reports of crimes to designated offices on campus. Title IX Responsible Employees have a duty to report to the Title IX Coordinator any information they receive that suggests a violation of this policy has occurred or is occurring.

  • Be familiar with confidential and other resources on campus and in the community to which to refer a reporting individual
  • Be familiar with the duty to report information they receive about potential acts of sexual harassment or sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator and be prepared to explain this duty to anyone who is considering reporting such information to them.

Who is a Responsible Employee?

People designated as “Responsible Employees” are in positions where they are seen as trusted representatives of the University.

  •  Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deans and all other Limited Appointees, including Directors
    • This includes Associate and Assistant Deans, as well as Associate and Assistant Directors
  • Department Chairs
  • Human Resources Representatives
  • Academic Department Administrators (Employees who lead a variety of administrative duties (fiscal, purchasing, human resources, etc.) in an academic department or research center.
    • This role typically includes advising students and/or supervising student employees
  • University Housing Managers and Supervisors
  • University Housing Student Supervisors
  • University Housing House Fellows
  • University Housing Resident Managers
  • Student Services Staff (Employees whose duties require them to have regular or daily contact with students)
    • This includes employees who are responsible for directly providing services to undergraduate and graduate students and to student organizations unless designated as a confidential resource
    • This category includes those serving as advisors to student groups
    • This includes Academic Advisors