Beware of DWD Unemployment Scams

There have been reports from Division of University Housing employees that they have received scam attempts targeting their Department of Workforce Development (DWD) unemployment accounts. These attempts can come in a variety of forms, most recently in the form of a text message to personal cell phones.

Example images of recent scam texts:

Example of DWD unemployment scam Example of DWD unemployment scam Example of DWD unemployment scam

How to tell if a message from DWD is official:

  • Look for misspellings and what the full website address is.  Misspellings are very common in fraudulent things.  Look thoroughly, though. They can be hard to find.
  • Official text messages from DWD provide the web address.
  • DWD does not send text messages to claimants to notify them that their profile or claim will be deactivated.
  • Any official text messages from DWD notify the claimant to log on to their Claimant Portal at​ to view any messages securely.
  • Do NOT click on links, enter your user information, or provide any information to suspicious websites or spoofed messages.

More information on potential scam attempts is available on the DWD website.