Cybersecurity Awareness Training Due June 30th

The UW-Madison Cybersecurity Awareness Training service is due on June 30th applies to all career staff. New hires must complete this training within 30 days.
This online training includes security best practices and information on your role in protecting the University’s systems and data. Training topics include but are not limited to social engineering, sensitive data protection, password security, ransomware, and email security.

How to Complete this Training

  • Open your email from
    • The message includes your primary UW–Madison email, a temporary password, and a link to the online training site.
    • Log in to the training site with your UW–Madison primary email address and the temporary password.
    • The first time you login, you will need to change your password. Do NOT use your NetID password, or the same password used for any other web site or computer system.
  • Training is available in all languages. This training will be due 30 days after the launch of the multilingual sites. When available, all six languages can be accessed via our Cybersecurity Awareness Training website.

If You Didn’t Receive the Email from

A text-based Cybersecurity Awareness Training delivered in Canvas by the UW–Madison Office of Cybersecurity is available.

Completing the Training

You will have completed the 2021 annual Cybersecurity Awareness Training when you have earned both related badges in your training dashboard.
Your badges are earned by:

If you have any questions, please contact