July 2021: Staying Grounded with the UA Grounds Department

With plenty of new faces joining the community, here are some reminders for things to improve everyone’s experience.


  • Make sure you read your parking policy to avoid a citation. https://media.housing.wisc.edu/documents/university-apartments/UA-Parking-Policy.pdf
  • If leaving for the summer make sure we can move your vehicles to do parking lot maintenance.
  • All vehicles must have a red base lot sticker in the side window.
  • School is out, please drive slow and watch for children.
  • On Haight Road, please do not pass UW vehicles by the Facilities Office (AFO). With more student workers, there are always people walking along the road and vehicles entering and exiting the AFO.

Property and Storage


  • We have started tagging bikes without labels or old, outdated labels on July 5th. We will be removing bikes not labeled on July 19th. Every year we collect a number of abandoned bikes, so please dispose of them.
  • If you don’t want your bike, please donate it to a charity or put it by the dumpster.


  • Please put all garbage in the dumpsters and not on the ground. Only large furniture, appliances, or metal should be left on the ground. .
  • Small amounts of books may be left in the small library in the front entrance of the Community Center. Please do not leave magazines or used coloring books, put those in the recycle dumpsters.
  • Please pick up water bottles and food wrappers left behind as we need to keep the lawns clean for mowing.


• Please do not drive on any grassy areas as it has been very wet and soft. If the grass is damaged by your vehicle, you could be billed for the damages.