Complete a Remote Work Agreement

Any employee who will be working fully or partially remote will need to complete an electronic remote work agreement.

The Remote Work Agreement can be found in your MyUW portal. (MyUW > Personal Information > Update My Personal Information > Remote Work Agreement [bottom left])

All remote work arrangements must be approved by your supervisor, department head, and the Director of Housing. If you are unsure whether or not you will be working remotely, please check with your supervisor.


Housing Policy on Remote Work and Childcare

During the COVID-19 pandemic, flexibility was provided for employees working from home who also had caretaking needs. This was largely due to the fact that schools and daycares were closed. Now that schools will mostly be operating as they had pre-COVID, some guidance is being put into place as we move forward.

Working remotely is not a substitute for dependent or daycare. It is expected that Housing employees on approved remote work agreements going into the Fall have adequate care in place for dependents (ex. children) that need supervision and care. Depending on the employee’s schedule this may include having before and after-school care arrangements for school-age children. If dependents do not need direct care or supervision (ex. due to being older), then childcare arrangements may not be necessary so long as the employee can successfully perform their work without significant interruption to their productivity, availability, etc.

For short-term or isolated incidents (e.g. school/daycare closures, inclement weather, sick children, school breaks (excluding summer break), etc.) employees should work closely with their supervisor regarding expectations. Consideration should be given to the time of year, current workload, ability to accomplish meaningful work, etc.