Housing Dining Starbucks Team Recognized for Outstanding Customer Service

The Starbucks Dining Team was recently awarded the Green Heart Pins by Starbucks Corporate for receiving consistent high scores in their customer service survey, Customer Connections. This means the team routinely achieved a solid score of 50, which is considered in the highest tier of service.

This achievement is awarded to very few licensed stores and is a significant recognition, and something to be celebrated!

Please join us in congratulating: Andy Jacobs, Robbie Buchanan, David Marburger, Brad Kahn, Lois Schneider, Shazia Ghadri, Jesus Ordonez, Brad Pierstorff, Lalaine Gunem, Amy Beilke, Mark Gauthier, and Alexis Larson-Simon on this achievement!

More About Customer Connections Survey

The Customer Connections survey is calculated over a 3-month rolling period and asks how much customers agree or disagree with statement regarding their service such as: “An employee made an effort to get to know me,” and “The employees went above and beyond my expectations.” Customers answer these statements using a seven-point scale, where seven means “Strongly Agree” and 1 means “Strongly Disagree.”