Isolation & Quarantine Spaces in Lowell Center

Lowell Center exterior

During the Fall 2021 semester, a small set of open rooms separate from any other resident spaces on the first, second, and third floor of Lowell Center are being designated as quarantine and isolation space for UW-Madison University Housing residence hall students who may need to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19. The second and third floors will only be used until mid-October.

Who’ll be In These Rooms?

Initially, these rooms will mostly be used by students who traveled internationally and tested negative for COVID-19 prior to traveling. These undergraduate students are required to self-quarantine after arrival in the United States before moving to their shared room in their residence hall. They’ll be required to wear masks in public and asked to only leave their room for essential business (work, medical appointments, food, etc.).

During the academic year, these rooms will be used on an as-needed basis by undergraduate residence hall students who test positive for COVID-19 (isolation) or who have had potential exposure to COVID-19 (quarantine). Staff will monitor these spaces for adherence to all isolation and quarantine policies.

Safety Precautions

UW-Madison University Health Services (UHS) have been consulted throughout the development of guidelines and requirements for residents in these spaces:

  • Until cleared by UHS, students in isolation and quarantine will not be permitted to leave their room other than to go outdoors, except in case of emergency
  • Students in isolation and quarantine will not spend time in common areas or Lowell Market and are instructed to go directly outdoors and directly back to their room when they return

We thank Lowell Center residents for their understanding as we take these actions to provide a safe and vibrant campus for everyone this fall 2021.