Required COVID Testing for Unvaccinated Employees and Those Who Have Not Submitted Their Proof of Vaccination

Testing Requirements for Unvaccinated Students and Employees

Last Wednesday, the Chancellor announced:

  • Effective August 30th any unvaccinated student or employee will be required to test weekly on campus.
  • Employees and students who are vaccinated but have not shared their proof of vaccine with campus will also be required to test weekly on campus
  • Fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to test. Fully vaccinated is defined as being 14 days past your final dose.

Campus is still working through additional details; we will provide more information once we learn more.

What you can do to stay healthy:

If you’re not yet vaccinated, now is the time. Safe, effective vaccines are available at no cost to you at University Health Services. We urge every student and employee who is able to get vaccinated to do so and to upload a record of vaccination.

The best way to ensure an academic year with as much in-person activity and as little disruption as possible is to get vaccinated and to mask up indoors. And if you feel sick, get tested and stay home.

 Thank you for taking these simple and important steps to protect yourself, your friends and family and the broader community. We’ll continue to keep you updated through campus messages and online at